Some snaps from my Harry Potter Reread - Part 1 [Part 2]

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In the late 1960’s, photographer Arthur Tress began a series of photographs that were inspired by the dreams of children. Tress had each child he approached tell him about a prominent dream of theirs which Tress would then artistically re-create and photograph with the child as the main subject. 

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Comedian John Oliver Interviews Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking

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Librairie Ptyx in Brussels

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GQ: How do you define style?
Tom Hardy: Like this grooming and styling thing? It's fucking poodles. Human poodles. I feel sorry for a poodle because he's a dog. You know, a dog is a fucking great creature. They would do anything for you. And the poodle gets a haircut. No one asks if the poodle wants his hair cut like that. Do they? They just fucking cut his hair like that. And he just walks around. And everyone is like, "Why is that poodle so snarky?" Fuck you.
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Nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle

nuzzles baaaack

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【予約販売】○K.Lネット限定 靴下と白クマ巾着セット
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I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.

im there right nowwwww

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME | Current Celebrity Crushes [4/5] → Emma Stone

"I think the number one thing that I find important is the importance of honesty with your friends and your parents, if you can be. But I think that telling people how you really feel, being who you truly are, being safe and taking care of yourself is the most important thing."

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Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

To celebrate Harry’s birthday (and my undying love for the series), I made my own covers! I created patterns (Thanks for the inspiration Scandinavia!) using a significant object from each book. I used those in the movies as reference and digitally painted them. You can view the whole project here! :)

(It’s already July 31 here in the Philippines. Haha.)

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